Motorcycle Insurance

What is Motor insurance?

Motor insurance is a compulsory class of insurance for all vehicles licensed to be
used on public roads, as per the Road Transport Act 1987.
It is a plan which covers you for :

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Here is an overview of your coverage.

Comprehensive Cover
  1. The policy cover loss or damage to your vehicle in the following circumstances:
  2. Third party bodily injury and death, limit is unlimited
  3. Third party property damage, limit is up to RM3 million


  • Windscreen Cover
  • Strike Riot and Civil Commotion (SRCC)
  • Legal Liability of Passenger (LLOP)
  • Legal Liability To Passenger
Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover
  • Third party bodily injury and death, limits is unlimited
  • Third party loss or damage, limits is up to RM3 million
  • Loss or damage to the motor vehicle due to fire, explosion, lightning, burglary, housebreaking or theft
Damage to your vehicle due to accident
Loss/damage to your vehicle caused by Theft or Fire
Third party bodily injury and death, limits is unlimited
Third party property loss or damage, limits is max
24-hours Roadside Assistance (Free)



√ Pindahan NCD serta merta

√ Insurans siap dalam 5 minit

√ Roadtax siap dalam 5 minit (kiosk MYEG)

√ Kiosk MYEG ada di semua cawangan kami

√ Harga boleh dirunding

√ Percuma khidmat pengurusan tuntutan kemalangan

√ Percuma khidmat towing

√ Roadtax hantar ke depan pintu

√ Pemberitahuan pembaharuan insurans tamat

Plan Type
(3rd) Third Party
Third Party Fire & Theft
(1st Party) Comprehensive
Accidental Damage Or Loss
Loss Or Damage By Fire Or Theft
Repair At Workshop Panel
24-hours Roadside Assistance

Information is correct as at Oct 2020.

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