How to Prevent a Car Breakdown and What to Do About It

Prevent a Car Breakdown

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You’ve had a hard day at work, and you deserve to get home and rest. But you never know when your car is going to break down and leave you stranded. With your car prone to breakdowns due to the constant wear and tear that goes into it, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re not stranded by a misbehaving engine or some other mechanical malfunction. Be prepared for the worst and take the following five steps to make sure your car doesn’t break down and leave you stranded.

car break down

5 Steps You Can Take to Prevent Car Breakdown in Malaysia:

A car breaks down can be a stressful situation, especially when you’re on the side of the road. You may be afraid that you’ll get a big bill, that you won’t be able to fix the car, or that your car will get stolen. However, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent a car breakdown and know what to do when one occurs.

1. Regular Car Service and Checks

Are you taking your car for periodic service and checks in your area, say Pasir Gudang or Bandar Seri Alam? Most probably not. It is quite convenient to just keep driving without taking any steps to give your car periodic service and checks. While it is tempting, it’s the wrong thing to do. For most people, a car is one of the major and most essential investments. But to get your money’s worth, you must not forget to give your car for periodic service and checks. If you fail to do so, there are high chances that sooner or later, it will break down. This is when you have to repair and spend almost all your hard-earned money on something that you could have easily avoided in the first place.

Regular Car Service

2. Avoid Overloading

What happens when you put more pressure on your car (or life) than it can handle? It will break down. And it’s not just the amount of extra baggage we drive with; it’s also how we drive. When you press the accelerator, you won’t be giving your car a gentle push – it is like you are trying to slam a big piece of meat into a small opening. You’ll end up cramming too much pressure inside that is going to cause major problems in the future. You must understand that your car is not a brick, and it needs a little more space to breathe. In order to avoid this kind of car breakdown, you must avoid overloading your car and force it to do too much when you know it’s not meant to.

Car overload

3. Always Keep Your Car Hydrated

Driving through the highway with the windows down and your music blasting is fun, but it is also damaging to your car. The heat and the sun make it harder for your car to cool down and is going to leave you stuck in the middle of nowhere. The best way to keep your car from breaking down is to not overheat it. When you drive through hot weather or planning on enduring a long drive, you must keep your vehicle well hydrated with coolant, engine oil, brake oil, and so on. Your best bet is to consult a professional mechanic and ask him/her to do the wonders so you can carry on the drive.

Heated Car Engine

4. Ignorance Serves No One Well

Paying attention to the warning sign is the best way to prevent breakdown cars and keep your car running in the best condition in Malaysia. The warning lights on a modern-day car have evolved over the years. Unlike the days they were usually little more than a simple flashing orange light that indicated something was wrong, giving no details on what it actually was or how dangerous it was, current cars are now come with complex warning systems detailing even the most minute detail of problems. So, consider giving your car the best chance to keep running by paying attention to every warning sign.

Check Car

5. Check the Wheel Covering

Tires – the least of your car’s problems – that’s what you think, but it’s not the case. The wheels are the single most important part of your car, so it’s essential that you give them the attention they deserve. You need to regularly check for uneven tire wear, cracks, and bulges in the wheels, and even playfully destructive nail holes in the outer rim. And just when you thought that you had checked all the parts of your car, it is high time to check the wheels. No matter how well you take care of your car, it is likely to break down sooner or later. So, be prepared to handle the situation before it occurs by making sure your wheels are in the best condition.

Check Car Tyres

3 Things to Do When Your Car Breaks Down in Malaysia:

It’s never good when your car breaks down, especially if you’re in a rush. You may be late for work, school, or other important engagements. If you’re ever stuck in a situation like this, you’re bound to panic and freak out. But before you start panicking and causing a traffic jam, try taking a deep breath and getting yourself together. These three simple things will help you manage your feelings, keep cool, and get yourself back on the road as soon as possible!

1. Turn on Your Car’s Emergency Lights

A car’s hazard lights are there to warn other drivers of a situation that requires assistance. Regardless of the vehicle is moving or parked, you’re asking other drivers to be extra careful and aware. However, the truth is that most drivers act like this feature doesn’t even exist on their vehicle…or maybe they simply don’t know that it exists. And this leads to an unfortunate accident which, though covered by car insurance, can still lead to worsened situations like loss of life. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where your car fails to deliver on its promises, activating your car’s hazard lights will always be the best option.

2. Stay in Your Vehicle

After turning on the hazard lights, be sure to stay in your vehicle. You should be as calm and collected as possible. You may feel uncomfortable but staying in your vehicle will help you keep your nerves and focus on exactly what is wrong with your car. Instead of panicking and trying to solve the problem yourself, why not let the experts handle the situation?

Stay in car

The professionals can provide you with the solutions and help you get back on the road as quickly as possible. In the event of a major breakdown, you can rest assured that all repairs will be covered by your car insurance, so there is absolutely no need to worry about the financial implications.

3. Call for Expert Assistance

Now that you’re staying in your vehicle, it’s time to contact an auto repair professional. While you don’t want to do this in a fit of panic, it’s best to take action immediately. You will be covered by your auto insurance, and the repair shop is only a phone call away. Your car’s mechanic should be able to send out a tow truck or have another auto nearby to give you a ride to your destination.

Call for Help


Be prepared, be aware, and follow the tips above, so you’re well on your way to avoid a car breakdown. As discussed, there are ways you can prepare yourself for a car breakdown or keep your car from breaking down in the first place. With your head on your shoulders and the right steps taken, you’ll keep your car in prime condition. And with the right plan of action, you won’t have to waste any time on the side of the road.

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