3 Road Scams in Malaysia and How to Avoid Them


The increase of road scam cases is a concern that should call for every Malaysian to be alert. Be it solo or in the group, the safety of ourselves and our belongings should always be our main priority. Having said that, this is a guide on how you can avoid road scams by being familiar […]

How to Prevent a Car Breakdown and What to Do About It

Prevent a Car Breakdown

You’ve had a hard day at work, and you deserve to get home and rest. But you never know when your car is going to break down and leave you stranded. With your car prone to breakdowns due to the constant wear and tear that goes into it, there are a few things you can […]

5 Ways to Save Fuel and Save Money

Happy family driving, save money and save fuel

The rising cost of fuel, coupled with the need to reduce our carbon footprint, has led many concerned citizens to put more energy conservation measures into their daily routines. It’s crucial to understand that fossil fuel consumption is an issue that affects everyone on earth. From the business owner who needs to reduce his overhead […]